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Its like a party for your taste buds, without the hangover for your waistline!

What does that have to do with anything? Nothing. I just like it. And since I don't do away messages anymore, I have to put my clever bits somewhere.

So a crazy man came into the restraunt. He was wearing one of those hats that you always see Russian guys wearing. I immediatly called him rat hat guy in my mind. He kissed my hand, told me he was homeless, and asked me if he looked it. As he was wearing khakis and nikes, I said no. Later he asked Percy the bus-boy if he was Mexican, and hugged Jerome, and bonded with him because they were both "the black man". It takes all kinds. And all kinds live in DC.

I have so much work to do its not even funny. Drawing and reading and doing logic and writing a paper. I love Caroline, because she is gone all the time, but it I haven't been doing as much work because I don't need to leave the room. I don't need to get out.

On a related note, I have a Caryn story. Its pretty mild. On Thursdays my friend kelly sits at the front desk of my dorm to make sure that people sign in, and I hang out with her. Formerly it was because I didn't want to watch Smackdown with Caryn. I never thought that tv would be bad enough that I would have to leave the room, but there it is. Smackdown is that bad. For me anyway. Or maybe it is just how Caryn reacts to it. Anyway, after I got off work, I was sitting with Kelly downstairs, and she told me about how Caryn had come in earlier, and said she might be going out. I was like, "really, yeah, she never goes out". Later in the evening she came down and picked up a pizza. I guess by going out she meant laying on the couch and watching Smackdown. I am really really glad I moved out.
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