Jennifer (greennalgene) wrote in cougars,

More of the Ad Slogan Generator - Camp Edition

I'm bored at work, yo. But hey: Inputting these words is the best thing ever.

  • It's Freak Time.
  • That's Handy, Harry! Stick It In The Freak.
  • For Mash, Get Freak.
  • Keep That Freak Complexion.
  • Tense, Nervous, Freak?
  • Have You Forgotten How Good Freak Tastes?

  • Taste the Cougars.
  • Cougars - The Freshmaker!
  • Oh Hungry? Oh Cougars.
  • It Makes Your Cougars Smack.
  • I Saw Cougars and I Thought of You.
  • A Cougars' Too Wet Without One.

  • It's Good To Talk Chunk.
  • Double the Pleasure, Double the Chunk.
  • Chunk Wanted.
  • Stimulation for Body and Chunk.

Arts and Crafts
  • Every Kiss Begins With Arts And Crafts.

OK. That's enough of that. I hope that you're all very happy. I know I AM.
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