Jennifer (greennalgene) wrote in cougars,

Yo yo foodservice

Hey, so there's this group of people at my school who are trying to start a food co-op, and I'm involved in it. Our school uses Sodexho {formerly Mariott} food services. Yes, yes, campers, the very same one Silver Creek has used for the 4 years I've worked there. So I'm trying to find information about Sodexho, and what do I find?

Oh, I find this: Colorado College's study on Sodexho.

I highly recommend the "myth vs fact" page linked in the Documentation section. In fact, look at the whole documentation section.

Um... can we please not use a food service again this year? I'm really not down with the whole "private prisons" thing... not to mention the anti union factor and the fact that it overcharges for everything, especially when we don't have The Most Money Ever.
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