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Well, it's official

The website for the camping branch is not to be. I just called Matt and - nope, didn't get to talk to him in person. I got to tell the receptionist that my professor isn't allowing me to work for Matt anymore, at least in a website capacity, because of the irresponsibility factor. I can't believe he really never sent me anything. He tried, I think, but he doesn't know how to use a computer I guess, because nothing was attached to this email he sent me. Maybe I can do it over the winter. I don't know. I need Dreamweaver to do it well, I think. And I definitely don't have Dreamweaver off campus. It's too fancy. In any event, I am in mourning for the website that could have been. It's like I had a website abortion. At least I had the choice though. I like how this analogy has linked my academic and political strife together. Augh. Time for class.
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