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So. I am on Kato's list of Shame. Damn!

Well, life sucks. No, not really. First off, my new room is fantastic. Really. I've been here for a week, and so far, Caroline has slept here twice. Thank god she has a boyfriend. We have been in the room together for a total of 30 minutes at the most. YAY. This is good, because I have had some shitty roommate issue. I think I'm being rewarded. But then again, I thought Caryn was okay at the beginning of the year.

Now for the bad news. This fall and next spring I am going abroad, first to Hong Kong, and then to Rome. The bad news? My Hong Kong programs starts on August 12th. At most, I'll be able to be at camp for five weeks. Sigh. That sucks a lot.

Good news. I met Police Cheif Moose tonight. After I got home from work, I called Nelson, and he told me to come to a reception for some speaker, which turned out to be Mister Moose. He was talking to people afterwards, and since Nelson is a pussy (which he didn't deny) and wouldn't go talk to him, I did, playing the Oregon card. He was a nice guy.

Oh, and yeah, I'm posting in Cougars. I figure, its my damn community, I can post whatever I want in it. Oh yeah, and I'm avoiding my confrontation with drdelfi, who for some reason is on poppyjock's friend list.
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